Types of Paper


The JWS is designed for both Academics and Water Industries to publish the following types of papers:


v  Original Research Papers: Original Research Papers must be full-length papers reporting original and unpublished research work.

v  Review Articles: Review Articles include full-length Critical Review papers and Mini-review papers. The reviews should provide comprehensive summary and discussion/evaluation of state-of-the-art literature or/and past practice as well as discuss cutting-edge advancements relevant to any topic within the Aims and Scope of the JWS. Authors who intend to submit Review Articles should express the interest and discuss the proposed paper with one of the Editors prior to submission.

v  Short Communications: Short Communications concisely report the results of preliminary studies, emerging technologies or ongoing research work which present significant novelty and advances and will contribute to substantial improvement and development in current technologies or disciplines.

v  Correspondence: Correspondence provides authoritative discussions (including comments or critical evaluation) on papers already published or new insights on a particular topic. Any opinion should be rational rather than confrontational. The authors will give reasoned response, arguments and rebuttal of these papers. Any Correspondence will be subject to approval of the appropriate Editor.

v  Practical Case Studies: Practical Case Studies mainly cover actual research trials or practice in industry. Detailed methodology and application should have a wide impact on the industry, which represent innovative idea or significance to solve current problem or share practical knowledge with broad implications.

v  Special Issues: Special Issues are designated as linkage to high quality research in a specific thematic area within the Aims and Scope or the JWS. Periodically, JWS will announce the theme of the proposed special issue based on interest and relevance to the readership of the JWS. Individual academics, teams of academics or group of industries are also welcome to put forward a proposal (such as proceedings of conferences, symposia or workshops) to the Editors of JWS and will be considered for publication as a special issue. Any proposal will be subject to the final decision of the Editors.