Monitoring of Water Quality Parameters in Uppanar River of Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu State, India

P. Mullai, M. K. Yogeswari, B. Oommen, K. Saravanakumar, K. Kathiresan



The Uppanar River is situated in the Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu, India. The study was conducted to find out the physico-chemical characteristics of the river. 11 physico - chemical variables were analyzed in the water samples collected every month for 3 years during November 2009 - December 2012. Continuous monitoring of the water quality is very important in order to protect the river and it reveals the pollution status of the river. Various parameters like temperature, pH, redox potential, salinity, alkalinity, dissolved oxygen, reactive silicates, total phosphates, nitrate-nitrogen, nitrite-nitrogen and ammonia-nitrogen gave an outline of water quality of the Uppanar River. The results indicated that the water quality of the Uppanar River was moderately polluted might be due to the continuous discharge of municipal and industrial effluents.

Keywords: Physicochemical characteristics; Uppanar River; permissible limits