Separation of Lead by Sulfonated and EsterifiedGallus Domesticus Shell Powder: A Green Approach

Aliya Fazal, Uzaira Rafique




A potential of biosorbent prepared from Gallus Domesticus (Hen) egg shell powder was evaluated for removal of lead from aqueous solutions. To establish the time, dose, initial metal ion concentration and pH profile batch adsorption experiments were conducted at room temperature. Lead was removed 93% within 20 min by employing raw biomass. Sorption studies with esterified and sulfonated biosorbent indicated a loss of 37% binding due to decline of C-O functional group. However, sulfonation improved sorption for Pb considerably due to participation of new peaks and improved sites of carboxyl, carbonyl and phenols. Our results suggest that the hen egg shells biomass can be used for removal of Pb from polluted aqueous effluents.

Keywords: Biosorption; sulfonation; esterification; active sites