Analysis of Water Conservation Potential in Campus Based on WATERGY

Tao Chen, YuanYuan Wang, YaJun Zhang, DanDan Li



In order to estimate water conservation potential and evaluate payback on investment of water conservation facilities, WATERGY, a spreadsheet model instead of traditional water quota method, is discussed and used in campus. WATERGY was coined by American Alliance to Save Energy to describe the strong link between water and energy in municipal water systems. The assumptions and parameters used in WATERGY model applicable to campus case were fully considered and modified according to relative Chinese standards and specifications. As a result of BUCEA campus water conservation case study, it is estimated that most water efficient measures repay themselves within 1~4 years and yield many rewards. Energy savings of water conservation measures are as important as water savings. The difficulties of applying WATERGY model, such as lacking adequate water meters and general survey data are also discussed.


Keywords: WATERGY model; water conservation; demand side management; energy savings; campus