Application of Vibrio qinghaiensis sp. Q67 for Ecotoxic Assessment of Environmental Waters – A Mini Review

Xiaoyan Y. Ma, Xiaochang C. Wang, Huu Hao Ngo, Wenshan Guo



Ecotoxicity assessment using luminescent bacteria has been wildly used because it is rapid, sensitive and cost effective for screening water and wastewater quality. This mini-review focused on the application of Vibrio qinghaiensis sp. Q67 (abbreviated as "Q67"), a natural freshwater luminescent bacteria strain discovered in China. The characteristics of the bioassay using Q67 were firstly reviewed with comparison to that using the Vibrio fischeri, a widely used marine luminescent bacteria strain. In addition to the principal of bioassay using luminescent bacteria, attention was paid to the applications of Q67 to the toxicity assessment of organic and inorganic substances, and practical water samples. With its advantage for direct evaluation of freshwater samples without salt addition, Q67 toxicity test can be a good alternative of Vibrio fischeri for toxicological study of environmental waters.


Keywords: Vibrio qinghaiensis sp. Q67; vibrio fischeri; bioassay; environmental water