One Full-scale Municipal Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Plant in China

Jixiang Li, Shuying He, Changquan Qiu, Zongtai Hu, Yingge Wang



Wastewater reclamation and reuse technology provides a viable solution for water crisis. This paper introduces a full-scale municipal wastewater treatment (200,000 m3/d) and reclamation (110,000 m3/d) plant in China. It is biologically treated by modified oxidation ditch process, and further polished by flocculation, V-type filter, finally disinfected by ClO2 for reuse. The biologically treated water could reach class I-B criteria of Chinese municipal wastewater discharge standard (GB/T 18918-2002). The advanced treated water could meet Chinese urban reuse standard (GB/T 18920-2002). It has been reused as landscape water (50,000 m3/d) for 7 years, and would be reused as recycling water for one thermal power plant (60,000 m3/d) in 2013. The full-scale wastewater treatment and reclamation plant may provide a visible and feasible solution to China’s water shortage.


Keywords: Wastewater reclamation; modified oxidation ditch; flocculation; V-type filter