An Empirical Study of Factors Affecting Water Loss in Mexican Cities

Alejandro SalazarAdams, América N. LutzLey



Water losses are a major problem forwater utilities, as they affectthe environmental and financial sustainabilityof urban water services. The aim of this paper is toidentify the factors related to water losses in Mexican urban water utilities by means of regression analysis including variables related to operation costs, staff, water prices, consumption, climate, as well as demographic and socio-economic aspects of 73 urban localities. Results showthat water lossesare negatively and significantly associated to production costs, per capita consumption, persons per connection, and population. Water losses are positively and significantly associated to the number of staff per customer in a utility. Results are not conclusive on the effect of private management onwater losses.


Keywords: Water losses; physical efficiency; urban water utilities; mexican utilities; water management