Development of a New Framework and Methodology for Social Assessment of Recycled Water Schemes

Andrzej Listowski, Huu Hao Ngo, Wenshan Guo



The framework and methodology for social assessment follows concepts based on integrated water management and technology as the holistic process. This study was initially undertaken through literature review, collection and analysis of actual data from areas where water reclamation scheme have been in operation. The data obtained helped with identification of information gaps and communication deficiencies. The social assessment of technology might create some controversies, especially over environmental and health impact associated with a long term use of recycled water. This concept also implies that scientific research should support public debate, allowing greater public evaluation of the scheme its implications and consequences. This study could confirm that social assessment of water reclamation and reuse is considered in broad context and it suffers institutional separation and differentiation from economy and technology. It is fair to assert that, political economy and technological research are seen to be quite different from social research and it is often considered in a largely interpret technology and environmental contexts.


Keywords: Framework and methodology; Social assessment; Recycled water scheme; Case study; Community participation management