Wastewater Reuse Demonstration of the Sustainable Campus Program in Tongji University, China

Zhiqiang Zhang, Jifeng Guo, Rongchang Wang, Siqing Xia



On the conference of International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN), held in University of Oregon on June 20th USA local time, Tongji University was awarded the Excellence in Campus Award of 2012 (Figure 1), which is the first time that a university from the Asian-Pacific region was awarded such honor. In the prize citation, ISCN praises Tongji University in its significant role in social and economic sustainable development. The campus of Tongji University successfully settled the various problems in the integrated application of resource-saving technology. Even more important, the sustainable campus of Tongji University can sever teaching and research functions as well as bear and fulfil the social promise, which enables such mode to be extended on a planetary scale. Here we introduce the wastewater reuse part in the sustainable campus program.