Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Wastewater Treatment Plants: A Case Study of Noida

Diksha Gupta, Santosh Kumar Singh



Wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are based in natural processes and provide a high removal of BOD, COD, organic carbon, nutrients and pathogenic microorganisms from wastewater. Wastewater treatment generates significant amount of greenhouse gases mainly methane and nitrous oxide. Reducing these emissions from the treatment process and the contribution of the WWT processes to global warming is a major concern. On the other hand, WWTPs allow recovering energy, and nutrients, thus the reuse of treated wastewater in developing and developed countries can be appropriated. Hence, the understanding and estimation of the greenhouse gases emission pathways of the WW treatment plant is essential to tackle this challenge. This research has attempted to evaluate and quantify the greenhouse gases, mainly methane and nitrous oxide, emissions from the wastewater treatment system.


Keywords:  Greenhouse gases; Global warming; Climate Change; Methane