Effective Removal of Anionic Dye by Ni-Zn-Cr-Ldhs Prepared From Electroplating Wastewater via Accelerated Carbonation

Guoqing Zhang, Chong Liu, Jun Zhao, Ji Zhi Zhou, Guangren Qian, Jianyong, Liu, Yueying Wu



A novel Layered double hydroxide (LDH) was synthesized by accelerated carbonation in Ni-Zn-Cr-bearing wastewater for dye removal from aqueous solution. The obtained Ni-Zn-Cr-LDHs materials were characterized by XRD, FT-IR, SEM and BET surface area techniques. The removal of a dye, Acid Scarlet GR (GR), from aqueous solution onto the synthesized Ni-Zn-Cr-LDHs products was studied under varying conditions of pH, adsorbent dose and contact time. The maximum adsorption amount of GR was 122 mg/g LDH at 298 K and slight increased with temperature increasing. The adsorption isotherms were well fitted by the Langmuir equation, and the adsorption capacity increased with rising temperature. The adsorption kinetics of GR onto Ni-Zn-Cr-LDH could be described by the intra-particle diffusion model. The experimental results indicate that Ni-Zn-Cr-LDHs will be an efficient adsorbent for removing anionic dye wastewater.  


KeywordsNi-Zn-Cr-LDH; Acid Scarlet GR; Adsorption; Electroplating wastewater