Probabilistic Assessment of Recycled Water Schemes in Australia Using MATLAB Toolbox

Z. Chen, H. H. Ngo, W. S. Guo, X.C. Wang and L. Luo



Hundreds of recycled water schemes have been successfully established in Australia. However, water quality and risks on human health and the environment associated with particular end uses (e.g. irrigation, industrial uses, non-potable urban uses, groundwater recharges, indirect and direct potable reuses) are still of great concern which can limit the application and extension of recycled water. This study analyses representative recycled water schemes in Australia with regard to the sources and corresponding risks of recycled water, risk assessment approaches as well as practical risk control methods towards various end uses. To quantify the risks, this study proposes a probabilistic assessment approach for existing and future water recycling schemes. With the assistance of MATLAB toolbox, the model was able to fit observed data to probability distribution functions (PDFs) and express the percent removal in PDF rather than point values. This approach could be helpful in quantifying risk or percent removal of potential hazards which involve a degree of variability and randomness. The analytical results, when couple with other environmental assessment tools are convinced to be useful for integrated water planning and management in Australia.


Keywords: Recycled water schemes; End uses; Probabilistic assessment; MATLAB