Substrate Removal Kinetics of an Anaerobic Hybrid Reactor Treating Pharmaceutical Wastewater

Mullai Pandian, Huu-Hao Ngo, Sabarathinam Pazhaniappan



A laboratory-scale anaerobic hybrid reactor was operated at mesophilic temperature (30 – 35˚C) for treating fermentation based pharmaceutical wastewater at six hydraulic retention times (HRTs) of 30, 18, 12, 8, 6, 3 h. The COD removal efficiencies decreased from 91.25 to 68.00 % with decreasing the HRT from 30 to 3 h. In this study, the mathematical model such as Monod, Grau second order, modified Stover-Kincannon and first order kinetic models were applied to determine the substrate removal kinetic of anaerobic hybrid reactor. Kinetic parameters were determined through linear regression using the experimental data. The predicted COD concentrations were calculated using the kinetic constants. It was found that these simulated data were in good agreement with the observed ones in Grau second order and modified Stover-Kincannon models. Furthermore, the correlation coefficient value (R2) obtained for the experimental and predicted effluent COD concentration also confirmed the suitability of the kinetic models.


Keywords: Anaerobic hybrid reactor; Pharmaceutical wastewater; Kinetic model; Hydraulic retention time