The Scale and Antiscale Study of the Reclaimed Water Reused in Industrial Recycling Cooling System

Limin Shang, Guanhua Yue, Liping Wang, Lili Feng


ABSTRACT: The reclaimed water of municipal sewage reused in industrial recycling cooling system is an effective approach to save water resource and improve the ecological environment. One of its critical factors is controlling scale formation in recycling cooling system. In this paper, the scale formation and antiscale influence factors of the reclaimed water reused in Beijing thermoelectric plant were investigated. The scale of the reclaimed water was measured by SEM, XRD and XRF techniques. Through the static and dynamic simulation test, we obtained an optimum composite antiscale. Furthermore, the effects of ion components, COD and turbidity of the reclaimed water on the scale inhibition efficiency were examined. This can provide a useful information basis for controlling and estimating risks of the reclaimed water reused in industrial recycling cooling system.


Keywords: reclaimed water; scale formation; scale inhibition efficiency