Upgrading of An Eighty Years Old Water Treatment Plant- A Case Study

Ahmed Fadel Ashry, Ragab Mohamed Barakat, Hatem Ahmed Fadel


ABSTRACT: An existing water treatment plant, which was built in 1921 have been upgraded in 2001. The plant has been upgraded by increasing its capacity and efficiency. The capacity of the plant was 100 l/s. The plant comprises plain sedimentation tanks, rapid sand filters and ground tank. The existing units were not functioning properly. The plant capacity has been increased to 300 l/s after upgrading. The plant has been enhanced by employing new available technologies on the existing units. The sedimentation tanks were upgraded by dividing each tank into two compartments: the first one is assigned for flocculation by using contact flocculation media and the second, is assigned for sedimentation by using inclined plate settlers. In addition to rehabilitation of the existing sedimentation tanks, new rapid sand filters have been constructed. The results showed that the effluent turbidity was 0.4 NTU on average. The study revealed that the performance of the plant has been improved significantly. The total cost of the upgrading was in the vicinity of 9 million Egyptian pounds while a newly constructed plant with the same capacity, cost around 70 to 80 million Egyptian pounds at that time.


Keywords: Old treatment plant; Upgrading; Contact flocculation; Plate settlers