The Estimation of Rainfall by Using Radar Data and IDV to Simulate 3D Rainfall Map

Nathaporn Areerachakul, Sethakarn Prongnuch, Kamol P.N. Sakolnakhon



Thunderstorm is one of the natural disasters occurred in the area studied that was dangerous for life, properties and economics in every year.It is important for accurate QPE (Quantitative precipitation estimation) from weather radars. In this paper, it is to estimate the rain rate (R) from Z-Rrelationship by using the measured reflectivity (Z) from radar station located in Lower Northern Thailand. Coupling GIS technique by using IDV, in this study Pitsanulok and Chainart provinces are demonstrated in 2 and 3 dimension rain ratemaps.From this techniques, the obtained Z-R relationship can be expressed in formofZ = aRb, where a,barefunction parameters, as the previous studies. The obtained result showed a 3 dimension map of province and communities in the risk of rain rate area.