Feasibility Study of Fish Farm Effluent Treatment by Sequencing Batch Membrane Bioreactor

Chia-Yuan Chang, Silayan S. Cajucom



In this study, the treatment of fish farm effluent by SBR (sequencing batch reactor) operation type MBR was conducted to evaluate the system performance. Two aerobic/anoxic durations (aeration/stirring-settling), 100/45-45 min (run 1) and 60/60-70 min (run 2), were adopted for the evaluation of system performance. High DO concentration was maintained in aerobic phase to enhance nitrification in this study as well as to evaluate the effect of anoxic duration on system performance. The results showed that the average MLSS concentration for run 1 and run 2 is 1560 mg/L and 1890 mg/L, respectively. The results indicated that the performance of run 2 was much better than that of run 1. The experimental results indicated that both nitrogen and organic removals were significant during run 2 due to its shorter aeration and longer anoxic phase. The average removal of COD and BOD5 of run 2 was 81 % and 90 %, respectively. Nitrification and denitrification were significant during run 2, the effluent nitrite was down to a range of 0.5-1.0 mg/L and most of the time, nitrate was non-detectable.


Keywords: Fish farm effluent, Sequencing batch membrane bioreactor, COD, Nitrogen compounds