Strategies for Sustainable Management of Freshwater Resources

Santosh Kumar Mishra



Water resources, being the most widespread substance to be found in the environment, occupy a special place among other natural resources. The demand for fresh water resources is accelerating, and competition for fresh water is increasingly of concern to planners and policy makers. Today, the issue of freshwater resources is an increasing problem. In many areas of the world people do not have access to clean and sufficient drinking water. The perspectives of sustainable use of freshwater are of great importance from an environmental point of view. This paper aims to give an insight into key issues connected with sustainable use and management of freshwater resources. It outlines the framework within which environmental issues, such as forests and floods, affect availability of freshwater across the regions of the globe. The paper also presents key strategic interventions required for the purpose of ensuring sustainable use and management of freshwater resources at macro and micro levels. Secondary data have been used and nature of analysis is descriptive. The paper concludes that addressing water problems requires an inter-sectoral approach that recognizes the interlinkages (for example, between land and water, agriculture and water, technology and water, health and water) that affect water management.