Journal of Water Sustainability

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2013




The papers published in this issue have been selected from the papers presented in the 5th Regional Conference on Global Environment held in Bandung, Indonesia on November 21-22, 2012. The conference is part of the AUN/SEED-Net (ASEAN University Network – Southeast Asia Engineering Education Development Network) project and supported by the the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The conference endeavors to be a platform for sharing knowledge on present status and approaches in the field of Global Environment among ASEAN countries.  In total, 94 papers were discussed in which 41 papers were related to the water environment/sustainability. The selected papers reflected the water issues arose in ASEAN countries, such as technologies to deal with heavily-polluted industrial wastewater (textile mill and agro-based industries), use of cheap media (rubber granules); and treat peat water as a water supply. The industrial wastewaters are always major environmental issues in the developing countries; therefore appropriate and cost effective technologies should be explored. One of the major land types in Southeast Asia is peatlands. Water from this soil has a distinct characteristic; therefore it needs an innovative technology to use this water for water supply of the local people. Another water environment issue in this part of the world is water pollution from small scale mining activities, although many countries declare that they are illegal miners, however the problems still and will exist in many years to come.


Tjandra Setiadi, Guest Editor
Professor in Bioprocess Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Industrial Technology
Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia



Influence of Recirculation Rate on Performance of Membrane Bioreactor Coupling with Ozonation Treating Dyeing and Textile Wastewater

Bui Xuan Thanh, Nguyen Thanh Tin, Nguyen Phuoc Dan71-78

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Study on Fish Processing Wastewater Treatment by Swim-bed and Stick-bed Processes

Phong Tan Nguyen, Luan Thanh Mai79-84

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Influence of Additives on Polysulfone-Based Ultrafiltration Membrane Performance during Peat Water Filtration

Putu Teta Prihartini Aryanti, Khoiruddin, I Gede Wenten85-96

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Treatment of Low Strength Wastewater by Rubber Granules Media AFB Reactors without Internal Recirculation

Thipaporn Sirinukulwattana, Wiboonluk Pungrasmi, Chaiyaporn Puprasert97-106

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Analysis of Mercury in Water and Sediment Distribution and Its Bioaccumulation Potential in Fish in the Small Scale Gold Mining Area (Case Study: Ciberang River, Lebak, Banten)

Desiana Prilia, Katharina Oginawati, Herto Dwi Ariesyady107-116

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